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Ubmit A Complaint. Submitted complaints. Latest News. Categories

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Submitted complaints

Grievance filed by: Roger

We have a Sallie Mae education loan that i am having to pay a few months later. I am getting 6 robocalls/day from Navient also though We asked them to cease calling. This early morning they called from the quantity because of the caller id obstructed.

Grievance filed by: Lisa

I’m called 2-8 times weekly about student loan forgiveness and have now asked you need to take down their list. I’ve no learning figuratively speaking. The caller hangs up but we keep getting telephone calls as well as have few voicemails. I wish become paid when it comes to harassment that is steady.

Grievance filed by: Bill

I am 71 and graduated from university, financial obligation free, in 1970. I obtained a robocall from Navient today which directed me personally to enter my SSN or Navient account number to be able to ‘properly direct my call’. We kept striking zero until i acquired a ‘loan agent’ with a strangely international accent. India? Pakistan? Nepal? We explained which he had been violating Indiana’s ‘Fo Not Phone’ legislation and asked for their supervisor. After 6 mins (I became had and driving nothing else to complete) we hung up. Seeking a SSN to recognize a merchant account business alleges you’ve got using them screams fraudulence. Tomorrow i will file an AG complaint.

Issue filed by: Jessica

Hello, i have required Navient to avoid robocalling they claim these are generallyn’t but I receive 6+ calls a day. Want to discuss simple tips to resolve. Many thanks, Jessica

Grievance filed by: Robert


Issue filed by: Chris

I do not have student education loans. I’ve never applied for student education loans. I have already been called by Navient seven times simply now. It has to quit.

Problem filed by: Ronald

We don’t are in possession of or haven’t ever endured an educatonal loan but get a daily recording from Navient

Grievance filed by: Judith

Is it only for cellular phones? The reason why i am asking is simply because the true quantity above is my house quantity. Neither myself nor my children/stepchildren owe any loan balance that is outstanding. It says something about a Municipal Court Case when i get the robocall. Can there be such a thing I am able to do my quantity is on The usually do not Phone List.

Issue filed by: Natalie

I owe on a personal lone and chatted with Ashley. She had been conscious I’d lost work and would soon make a payment. My co-signer and I also have obtained telephone telephone calls as soon as 7 am and every hour is called by them. Keep no message. I inquired them to cease told and calling them it absolutely was harassment. They usually have maybe perhaps maybe not heard my demand. I do want to simply simply just take action that is legal. This is simply not right.

Problem filed by: Roxann

Long see Systems wants Navient to avoid calling for Ann. We do not have any the one that works right right right here by that title and is apparently individual. Many thanks.

Problem filed by: John

Every solitary individual around the entire world has to register a unlawful grievance against Navient’s president, Jack Remondi, for criminal harassment. If a person cannot make re payments and absolutely nothing modifications, over over over repeatedly getting telephone calls will provide no purpose aside from something such as whipping your pet dog on a sled while yelling „MUSH” to motivate certain performance. Of all the tens and thousands of magistrates all over the world, it simply takes one criminal warrant given for the arrest of Jack Remondi to start out the remedial procedure.

Issue filed by: Nicolas

We never ever took away pupil loan. I really do not require that loan. Please stop calling my phone. Many thanks.

Problem filed by: Rachel

We don’t also have learning student education loans and I also have always been called everyday. “Ann” introduces herself. I say goodbye and block the quantity nonetheless they call right right back from another quantity. It’s ridiculous and I also have always been so fed up with it.

Issue filed by: Terri

We keep getting telephone calls from these people for a man known as John Martinez i have contacted them and told them that there’s no one right here by that title and it was the incorrect quantity they stated they might eliminate my number nevertheless they continue steadily to phone and harass me personally daily

Grievance filed by: Kristina

My better half has $300,000+ in education loan financial obligation with Naviant. He simply cannot manage to spend them the entire monthly premiums, just what he does pay is garnished in the income tax return. We first received a phone call within my work from their website! Being unsure of better, we confirmed the given information they currently had, which in change affirmed in to the that I happened to be certainly their spouse. After they knew which they divulged their acct information if you ask me, without permission. They were told by me to never phone might work phone once more, in change We provided them my mobile phone. Now they call me personally multiple times a time. I simply filed an FCC cimplaint. Exactly exactly what else may I do? Apparently, they usually have called his boss, their buddies, and relatives that are even distant.

Grievance filed by: Shawn

We have as much as 3 telephone phone calls an and i’ve never had a student loan day. I’ve asked become eliminated they hang up on me after I wait for a human being and.

Issue filed by: Nancy

We get phone all time each day about education loan forgiveness. How do we stop it?

Problem filed by: Nicole

I paid down my figuratively speaking years back. Them this they asked who I co-signed for or made myself a reference for, I say legally you must remove me from your call list and they hang up on me when I hit 5 to speak with a rep and tell. It’s ridiculous. I’ve blocked multiple of this true figures, however it won’t stop.

Grievance filed by: Kristal

Navient is harassing my mom, she had been a cosigner 14 years back, i am 2 months behind on re payment. Whet can I do in order to stop telephone telephone calls?

Grievance filed by: Sue

I’ve never really had a student that is federal nor have I co-signed for starters. Once I question them to end calling they assert my cellular number is attached with a loan. They hang up when I suggest that perhaps the wrong phone number is in the record. This occurs daily.

Grievance filed by: Gary

I am called up wards of 16 times an even after monthly payment has been paid day. Required them to cease calling could work and individual phone and they nevertheless continue steadily to phone.

Issue filed by: Brenda

I’ve never ever even HAD an educatonal loan and keep getting these annoying robocalls.

Problem filed by: Leonard

Navient is delivering letters to loved ones. Should have this stopped. Navient are often https://spotloans247.com calling them also.

Issue filed by: Rachel

I’ve paid down my student education loans. I have telephone phone calls every from different numbers day. Them i have paid my loans off they hang up on me and continue to call when I am placed on hold and wait to talk to a representative and inform.

Grievance filed by: Karen

The education loan is on autopay being paid monthly by my child. She’s got called many times attempting to have Sallie Mae to improve this account. She actually is payments that are making two loans and Sallie Mae is crediting just one acct. They are harassing me personally and my child with constant calls and letters. We have up to 4 telephone calls each day sundays that are including. I am told to call THEM when I answer. Not merely have actually they made an error on her behalf acct – they’ve been unethical attempting to gather a stability this is certainly paid up.